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About Me

After a childhood of being fascinated by photography as a hobby, I began working with cameras professionally for the first time in 2013. Now with many thousands of photos & a decade of experience under my belt, my career has taken me all over this industry.

Photography for me is all about passion and joy, I do this work because I love it. It's this passion that lays the foundation for the 3 core tenets of my business:



Over my years in this industry, I have learned firsthand how to make photos look good. I take the time to make sure every photo is treated with the proper care & attention to detail that makes it shine.



My experience has allowed me to refine my ability and processes so I can keep my pricing competitive while still delivering the best quality. I want to charge a good price, not the most I possibly can.


Customer Satisfaction

I like to have a great time, and I want you to as well! I believe in good communication & creating an enjoyable experience for my clients. If getting professional photography done has ever been a pain in the a**, I would love to fix that!

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